Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'm beginning to think that I should just add myself to the administrators on this blog. But I desperately wanted to see another post on here! (Trisha better watch out, or she'll be next!)There hasn't been a post here since Kendra's birthday-- over two months ago!!! I'm very disappointed with you Andrew! (Just kidding! :) So please leave a note telling Andrew what to post. Ask him about basketball, the new kittens, our poor cat Karina, life on the farm (I'm kinda anxious about that one myself!). Anything. I want a post from the true author. Even if it is just pictures!

A quick conversation with Andrew:

I called home while mom was visiting for fall break (Andrew was kinda jealous and wanted to come with :). Andrew answered and after talking for awhile he realized it was me.
"MEGAN!!!" he shouted into the phone.
"Yes, Andrew, its me." I said with a big smile on my face.
"Megan, are you coming home for Halloween?"
"No, I don't have school off for that. You'll see me at Thanksgiving break though"
"When is that?"
"About a month."

"A MONTH?!!! But that's so far away!"

I think this picture says it all, don't you?! ;)

So Andrew, if you don't post soon, I'll start sharing more stories about you...(and I've got lots!) :D


Suzanne said...

Wow! You look pretty cool, Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Andrew~That's the coolest I've seen you look. Don't see you like that at school. How was your basketball season? You could always blog about your school music concerts. When are you going to come visit again? I'll make my chocolate chip cookies for you.
~Guess Who!

Goldfish said...

Okay, who is the mystery commenter? I've been trying to figure it out and I just can't! :'(

Bethany said...

Megan -- I think it is time you began telling your stories...I think Andrew has had his chance to update! :)

Goldfish said...

I believe you are right! But I will force a post out of him as soon as I get home. =D

Anonymous said...

Greetings Andrew,
Just found your blog, I hope you will still check back and read this.
Just to let you know, cruise ships don't stop for gas at gas stations, the run on DIESEL, but then maybe you had eaten to much jerky and forgot that.

Love from Grandpa,

"Psalm 91"