Monday, August 6, 2007


(Dad was telling Andrew that since it was his birthday, we could order pizza)

Well, since Andrew didn't post, I get the pleasure of announcing publicly his last birthday before his teen years. :) Happy 12th birthday, Andrew!! A couple random things about Andrew:

He loves to fish.
One of his past-times is playing Gameboy.
He devours popcorn.
He needs to update his blog more so I don't have to keep hacking it.
He is going to miss me when I go back to college. :D

Happy birthday Andrew! I'll miss you this fall!

Your loving, hacking sis,


Shanon said...

Happy Late Birthday!! Hope it was great. We will see you this weekend, and I hope you left me (the kids) some cherries to pick, it looks fun and delicious!

Goldfish said...

Andrew, I've got a tag for you to do. This way, I won't have to hack your blog AGAIN!!!

Jessica said...

Happy (late) Birthday!!